Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd is able to undertake the engineering studies required for a BWTS retrofit, which may be split into four (4) main stages and performed according to the Client’s needs

  1. 3D Laser Scanning: An engineering team attend the vessel, scanning the areas that may be able to accommodate the BWTS and auxiliary equipment. A 3D point cloud is generated, providing a virtual workspace which will dictate the 3D design of the selected BWTS pipe routes. On special cases, a photogrammetry software may be used, depending on the area under survey (usually applicable for external areas).
  2. Preliminary arrangement and BWTS selection: Based on the close-up survey data and vessel drawings, a maker selection process based on required parameters (operation, cost, installation integration, safety etc) is performed, providing guidance to the Clients, for their internal assessment and selection of BWTS to be purchased and installed.
  3. Class Drawings: All Class required drawings are updated or integrated to the existing, following-up any comments until final approval.
  4. Pipe routing drawings: Based on the above items, a complete 3D model is prepared, where the BWTS and auxiliary machinery/fittings as well as the pipe routing with fittings are displayed. Deliverables are used for prefabrication of the majority of the pipe pieces before dry-docking of the vessel,