• SCOPE:Naval Architecture Design, Supervision, Project Management, O&M
  • CLIENT: FloatMast LTD


FloatMast is an unmanned Mini Tension Leg Platform customized and fit-for the needs of the offshore wind industry. It is permanently moored by use of tendons that are pulling down the structure towards the seabed. The TLP technology implemented here was first introduced in the early 80s and is now accepted and widely used by the oil and gas offshore industry.

Floatmast design has been optimized by conducting both nonlinear panel and state-of-the art CFD simulations. The calculated wave and wind loads have been implanted in a Finite Element model for the optimization of the structural design. The motion responses have been finally validated by systematic tank model experiments.


03. European Commision

Our company  have been  awarded by European Commission  for the FloatMastBlue project which  was selected for funding in the latest round of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2.

From concept to engineering design and successful implementation,  Floatmast® prototype platform have operated  at Aegean Sea waters, and performed  one year of continuous Wind Measurements according  to strict  IEC and MEASNET guidelines setting new standards for the Offshore wind sector.