It is well well-known that the MEPC.7015 (October, 2016) fixed the new global fuel sulphur limits at 0.5% Sulphur.

In order Ship Owners and Operators to harmonize their existing fleet with these global and ECA sulphur limits imposed by IMO, apart from using LNG as fuel , one of the option they have is to install a scrubber.

Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd. can offer the following services to Ship Owners & Operators:

  • Feasibility study for a scrubber selection
  • Assess various scrubber designs and preliminary investigate the extent of retrofit works required (Adequacy of existing sea-chests, funnel and engine casing modifications for each selected scrubber, optimal routing principles of new piping and exhaust piping, optimal positioning and arrangement of the scrubber’s main parts and possible required additional tanks, electric-load calculations, preliminary back-pressure calculations, lightship check)
  • 3D-laser scanning as required
  • Preparation of Class related Drawings in co-operation with scrubber Maker, discussions and follow-up with Class
  • Detailed design including structural modification drawings required, FEA strength analysis, 3D arrangement, detailed pipe routing and detailed exhaust pipe routing, piping production drawings for prefabrication and time-saving during retrofit
  • Drafting or assisting the drafting the specification for offer tendering from Yards for scrubber retrofit
  • Project management and on-site supervision

For further information on subject matter you may download our newsletter and freeware spread sheet calculator for Scrubber Retrofit  feasibility assessment.