We are Naval Architects & Marine Engineers

Streamlined Naval Architects Ltd is a workgroup formed by Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, with a rich and diverse background of disciplines and experience in the maritime sector, ranging from shipbuilding contractors and shipping companies to classification societies and university institutes.


What we

  • 01.

    Offshore Design & Engineering

  • 02.

    Ship Design

  • 03.

    Structural Analysis

  • 04.

    Interior & Exterior Design

  • 05.

    Research & Development

Our History


Meet the team.

We Bring Concepts into Life

Our vision is to “offer our expertise through our services, in an efficient and cost effective manner for the benefit of our clients”.

Our policy is to thoroughly assess marine related problems in order to provide engineering solutions that are either based upon well-proven conceptual ideas or innovative ideas that meet our clients’ perspective.