Due to operational problems and safety issues that can incur by the use of distilled fuel oil, the EU Commission has adopted a Recommendation on the safe implementation of the use of Low Sulphur Fuels by ships at berth in community ports (2009/1020/EU).According to the recommendation ships which fail to comply with the requirement, member states should request those ships to provide detailed evidence of the steps they are taking to achieve compliance, as follows:

  • A contract with the manufacturer and an approved retrofit plan which should be approved by the ships classification society, or for ships flying and EU member state flag, by an EU Recognized  RO.
  • The retrofit plan should clearly state the date of completion of the adaptation and certification process.

Special consideration should be taken by the vessel’s Owner, Operators and Crew for potential hazards    during the fuel changeover procedure. A Risk Assessment Document should be deployed with regard to   changeover and long-term use of MGO/MDO. The items to be assessed include the following :

  • Fuel pumps & valves
  • Fuel Storage, Capacity and Segregation
  • Fuel Oil piping system
  • Burners
  • Boilers including their Control & Monitoring Systems
  • Flame Detection Devices

Through thorough investigation and detailed monitoring of the Regulation and the EU Directive, Streamlined Naval Architects, are ready to provide their consulting & technical services to all concerning members of the Marine Industry.